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Bunte Tüte

hstr - bash and zsh shell history suggest box


conda clean

Removal Targets:

  • -a, --all Remove index cache, lock files, unused cache packages, and tarballs.
  • -i, --index-cache Remove index cache.
  • -p, --packages Remove unused packages from writable package caches. WARNING: This does not check for packages installed using symlinks back to the package cache.
  • -t, --tarballs Remove cached package tarballs.

(I used conda clean -a and got rid of ± 5 GB on punk and almost 20 GB on my Mac)


... pandas-1.3.4-py37he8f5f7f_0 53.6 MB libuv-1.34.0-h516909a_0 2.7 MB xlrd-2.0.1-pyhd3eb1b0_0 452 KB scipy-1.5.2-py38h0b6359f_0 63.6 MB --------------------------------------------------- Total: 17.75 GB